Companies Act 2014


Share acquisition agreements — attribution of interests held by other parties

806. (1) In the case of a share acquisition agreement, each party to the agreement shall be taken, for the purposes of section 803, to be interested in all shares in the company in which any other party to it is interested apart from the agreement (whether or not the interest of the other party in question was acquired, or includes any interest which was acquired, in pursuance of the agreement).

(2) For those purposes, an interest of a party to such an agreement in shares in the company is an interest apart from the agreement if the party is interested in those shares otherwise than by virtue of the application of this section and section 808 in relation to the agreement.

(3) Accordingly, any such interest of the person (apart from the agreement) includes for those purposes any interest treated as his or hers—

(a) under the preceding provisions of this Chapter, or

(b) by the application of this section (and section 808) in relation to any other agreement with respect to shares in the company to which he or she is a party.