Companies Act 2014


Particulars of interests referred to in section 806 to be given in compliance with disclosure order

807. In addition to the particulars (if any) to be given otherwise by the person in compliance with such order, the particulars given, in compliance with a disclosure order, with respect to his or her interest in shares in the company by a person who is, or (as the case may be) was at any time in the period specified in the order, a party to a share acquisition agreement shall—

(a) state that the person is or (as the case may be) was at a particular time a party to such an agreement,

(b) include the names and (so far as known to him or her) the addresses of the other persons who are or (as the case may be) were at a particular time parties to the agreement, identifying them as such, and

(c) state whether or not any of the shares to which the particulars given in compliance with the disclosure order relate are shares in which he or she is or (as the case may be) was interested by virtue of sections 806 and 808 and, if so, the number of those shares.