Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007

Provision of eye tests and corrective appliances.


73. An employer shall, taking into account any entitlement which an employee may have to any tests and appliances provided by the State relating to eyesight and appliances, ensure that—

(a) the provision of an appropriate eye and eyesight test, carried out by a competent person, is made known to and is made available to every employee—

(i) before commencing display screen work,

(ii) at regular intervals thereafter, and

(iii) if an employee experiences visual difficulties which may be due to display screen work,

(b) if the results of a test under this Regulation show that it is necessary, an ophthalmologic examination is carried out on the employee concerned, and

(c) where the results of a test or an examination under this Regulation show that it is necessary, and if normal corrective appliances cannot be used, the employee concerned is provided with special corrective appliances appropriate to his or her work.