Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007

Duties of employer.


72. (1) An employer, when providing display screen equipment for use by an employee at a workstation, shall—

(a) ensure that the general use of the equipment is not a source of risk for the employee,

(b) perform an analysis of the workstation in order to evaluate the safety and health conditions to which it gives rise for the employees, particularly as regards possible risks to eyesight, physical problems and problems of mental stress, and, on the basis of that evaluation, take appropriate measures to remedy any risks found, taking account of—

(i) the minimum requirements specified in Schedule 4, and

(ii) any additional or combined effects of any such risks so found,

(c) plan the activities of the employer's employees in such a way that daily work on display screen equipment is periodically interrupted by breaks or changes of activity which reduce workload at the display screen,

(d) without prejudice to section 9 of the Act, provide information to the employer's employees in relation to the measures applicable to workstations which have been implemented under this Regulation and Regulation 73,

(e) without prejudice to section 10 of the Act, provide training to employees in the use of workstations before commencing work with display screen equipment and whenever the organisation of the workstation is substantially modified, and

(f) perform a further analysis of the workstation as referred to in subparagraph (b where—

(i) an employee transfers to a new workstation, or

(ii) significant new work equipment, change of equipment or new technology is introduced at an individual's workstation.

(2) Schedule 4 applies only to the extent that the components concerned are present at a workstation and that the inherent requirements or characteristics of the work do not preclude such application.