Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007

Changing rooms and lockers.


21. (1) An employer shall provide or cause to be provided—

(a) appropriate changing rooms for persons at work if they have to wear special work clothes and if, for reasons of health or propriety, they cannot be expected to change in another area, which are—

(i) easily accessible,

(ii) of sufficient capacity, and

(iii) provided with seating,

(b) separate changing rooms or separate use of changing rooms for men and women and

(c) adequate provision for drying wet or damp work clothes.

(2) If circumstances so require where work clothes are likely to be contaminated by dangerous substances, atmospheric conditions or the conditions of the place of work, an employer shall provide, or cause to be provided, facilities in changing rooms to enable working clothes to be kept in a place separate from personal clothing and effects.

(3) If changing rooms are not required as referred to in paragraph (1), the employer shall ensure that every person at work is provided with a place to store his or her own clothes and personal effects.