Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007

Sanitary and washing facilities.


20. An employer shall provide and maintain and keep in a clean state—

(a) adequate and suitable sanitary and washing facilities for the use of employees,

(b) an adequate number of lavatories and washbasins, with hot and cold running water in the vicinity of workstations, rest rooms, changing rooms and rooms housing showers,

(c) separate use of lavatories or washbasins for men and women, when so required for reasons of propriety,

(d) adequate and suitable showers for employees if required by the nature of the work or for health reasons related thereto, and in such case—

(i) separate shower rooms or separate use of shower rooms for men and women,

(ii) shower rooms which are sufficiently large to permit each employee to wash without hindrance in satisfactory conditions of hygiene, and

(iii) showers which are equipped with hot and cold running water, and

(e) easy access between the rooms housing showers or washbasins where they are separate from the changing rooms.