Building Control Regulations 1997

Power of Board to request submissions or observations.


31. Where the Board is of opinion that, in the particular circumstances of an appeal, it is appropriate in the interests of justice to request any party who has made submissions or observations in relation to any matter which has arisen in relation to the appeal, the Board may, in its discretion, notwithstanding article 27(3) or 29(3), serve on any such party a notice under this article—

( a) requesting that party, within a period specified in the notice (not being less than fourteen or more than twenty eight days beginning on the date of service of the notice) to submit to the Board submissions or observations in relation to the matter in question, and

( b) stating that, if submissions or observations are not received before the expiration of the period specified in the notice, the Board will, after the expiration of that period and without further notice to the party, pursuant to article 33 determine the appeal.