Building Control Regulations 1997

Power of Board to require submission of documents etc.


F64 [ 32. Where the Board is of the opinion that any document, particulars (including revised plans, documents, specifications, etc.) or other information is or are necessary for the purpose of enabling it to determine an appeal, the Board may serve on any party a notice under this section

( a ) requiring that party, within a period specified in the notice (being a period of not less than fourteen days beginning on the date of service of the notice) to submit to the Board, in duplicate, such revised plans or other drawings modifying, or other particulars providing for the modification of, the application to which the appeal relates, and

( b ) stating that in default of compliance with the requirements of the notice, the Board will, after the expiration of the period so specified and without further notice to the party, pursuant to article 33 dismiss or otherwise determine the appeal. ]