Building Control Regulations 1997

Documents, information, etc. in relation to appeal.


30. (1) Where an appeal is made to the Board the building control authority concerned shall, within a period of fourteen days beginning on the day on which a copy of the appeal is sent to it by the Board, submit to the Board—

( a) a copy of the application concerned and any plans, documents, particulars, evidence or further information received or obtained by it from the applicant,

( b) a copy of any report prepared by or for the building control authority in relation to the applicant,

( c) a copy of the decision of the building control authority on the application and a copy of the notification of the decision given to the applicant, and

( d) in the case of an appeal under section 7(1)(b) F62 [ , section 7(1)(d) or section 7(1)(e) ] of the Act, a copy of the grant of any dispensation or relaxation of a requirement of Part B F63 [ or Part M ] of the Second Schedule to the Building Regulations given under section 4 of the Act in respect of the building or works to which the appeal relates.