Data Protection Act 2018


General provisions relating to complaints

148. (1) Subject to subsection (2), sections 108 and 121 shall cease to apply where the complaint concerned is withdrawn, or deemed to have been withdrawn, by the data subject concerned, or on behalf of the data subject by a body mandated by the data subject in accordance with Article 80(1) of the Data Protection Regulation or section 120 , as the case may be.

(2) Where subsection (1) applies, nothing in that subsection shall be construed as preventing the Commission, where it is satisfied that there is good and sufficient reason for so doing, from proceeding or, as the case may be, continuing to examine, in accordance with Chapter 2 or 3, as applicable, the subject matter of the complaint.

(3) Where it has reasonable doubts concerning the identity of a complainant, the Commission may request from the complainant or, where applicable, the supervisory authority with which the complaint was lodged, such additional information as is necessary to confirm such identity.