Water Services Act 2017


Customer dispute resolution: connection to, and use of, public water system

23. The Act of 2014 is amended by the insertion of the following section after section 8:

“8A. (1) Where providing for a connection to water services provided by Irish Water or where offering terms for the carrying out of work for the purpose of connection to, or use of, water services provided by Irish Water, Irish Water shall not discriminate unfairly as between any persons or classes of persons.

(2) Any dispute (whether as to the making of an offer, the terms offered, the proposed charges or otherwise) where an offer is made by Irish Water, or where Irish Water refuses to make an offer, in relation to the connection to, or use of, water services provided by Irish Water between—

(a) Irish Water, and

(b) any person who is, or claims to be, a person to whom Irish Water is requested to make an offer for connection to, or use of, such water services,

may, upon the application of that person, be determined by the Commission in accordance with section 8 and Irish Water shall comply with and be bound by any such determination.

(3) Where Irish Water does not comply with a determination of the Commission under this section, the Commission may apply in a summary manner, on notice to Irish Water, to the High Court for an order requiring Irish Water to comply with the determination of the Commission made under this section within a period to be specified by the Court.

(4) On an application being made to it under subsection (3), the Court may make the order sought or such other order, including an order relating to costs, as it deems appropriate or refuse to make any order.”.