Industrial Relations (Amendment) Act 2015


Decision of adjudication officer under section 41 of Act of 2015

23. (1) This section applies to a decision of an adjudication officer under section 41 of the Act of 2015 in relation to a complaint of a contravention of—

(a) subsection (1) of section 20,

(b) a registered employment agreement (within the meaning of Chapter 2), or

(c) a sectoral employment order (within the meaning of Chapter 3).

(2) A decision of an adjudication officer to which this section applies shall do one or more of the following, namely—

(a) declare that the complaint was or, as the case may be, was not well founded,

(b) require the employer to comply with the provision in respect of which the complaint concerned relates and, for that purpose, require the employer to take a specified course of action, or

(c) require the employer to pay to the worker compensation of such amount (if any) as the adjudication officer considers just and equitable having regard to all the circumstances, but not exceeding 104 weeks’ remuneration in respect of the worker’s employment calculated in accordance with regulations under section 17 of the Unfair Dismissals Act 1977,

and the references in the foregoing paragraphs to an employer shall be construed, in a case where ownership of the business of the employer changes after the contravention to which the complaint relates occurs, as references to the person who, by virtue of the change, becomes entitled to such ownership.

(3) A decision of the Court under section 44 of the Act of 2015, on appeal from a decision of an adjudication officer to which this section applies, shall affirm, vary or set aside the decision of the adjudication officer.


Modifications (not altering text):


References to “employee” and “employer” construed (27.07.2016) by European Union (Posting of Workers) Regulations 2016 (S.I. No. 412 of 2016), reg. 9(3).

Presentation of complaint under Act of 2015

9. — ...

(3) References to employee and employer in— ...

(c) section 23(2) of the Industrial Relations (Amendment) Act 2015, and


shall, in so far as they relate to a complaint by a posted worker against a contractor under this Regulation, be construed as references to the posted worker and contractor, respectively.