Companies Act 2014


Director may lift restrictions imposed on shares under section 768

769. (1) F477[The Authority may] direct that the restrictions imposed upon shares under section 768 shall cease to apply if—

(a) the F477[Authority is satisfied that the relevant facts about the shares have been disclosed to it], or

(b) the shares are to be sold and the court or the F477[Authority] approves the sale.

(2) However, this section does not affect a direction of the F477[Authority] directing that any restriction continued in force in relation to the shares under section 775 shall cease to apply to the shares.




Substituted (6.07.2022) by Companies (Corporate Enforcement Authority) Act 2021 (48/2021), s. 12(1) and sch. 2 ref. nos. 145-148, S.I. No. 335 of 2022.