Companies Act 2014


Appointment and removal in a members’ voluntary winding up

636. (1) In paragraphs (a) to (c) of subsection (2) “liquidator” shall be deemed to include the one or more liquidators appointed by the company in exercise of the powers under any such paragraph.

(2) Subsequent to the appointment of a liquidator of a company under section 583 in a members’ voluntary winding up, the company, in general meeting, may, at a meeting convened for that purpose—

(a) remove the liquidator,

(b) appoint a liquidator to replace or act with the existing liquidator, or

(c) appoint a liquidator to fill a vacancy in the office of liquidator.

(3) Notwithstanding anything in Part 4, a general meeting of the company for the purpose of—

(a) subsection (2)(a) or (b), may be convened, on 10 days’ notice to the members of it, by—

(i) any member of it with the written authority of not less than one-tenth in number of the members, or

(ii) an existing liquidator,


(b) subsection (2)(c) may be convened, on 10 days’ notice to the members of it, by—

(i) any member of it with the foregoing written authority,

(ii) an existing liquidator, or

(iii) any contributory.

(4) The powers conferred on the company by subsection (2) shall be subject to any order the court may make with regard to the matter on application to it by any contributory or an existing liquidator.

(5) Section 218 (service of notices) shall apply to a notice of a meeting given by a member, liquidator or contributory under subsection (3) as it applies to a notice by a company or any of its officers to its members.

(6) The meeting shall be held in a manner provided by this Act or the company’s constitution or in such manner as may, on application by any contributory, member or any existing liquidator, be determined by the court.