Companies Act 2014


Service of notices on members

218. (1) Subsections (3) and (4) shall apply to any case in which a provision of this Act, or of the company's constitution, requires or authorises a notice to be served on or given to a member of the company by the company, or an officer of it, but save to the extent that the constitution provides otherwise.

(2) Subsection (5) shall only apply if there is contained in the company's constitution a provision to the effect that it shall apply (but nothing in this subsection shall prevent alternative and reasonable provision being made in the constitution with regard to one or more of the matters set out in that subsection and, to the extent that such alternative and reasonable provision is made, that provision shall apply instead of that subsection).

(3) A notice referred to in subsection (1) shall, save where the means of serving or giving it specified in paragraph (d) is used, be in writing and may be served on or given to the member in one of the following ways:

(a) by delivering it to the member;

(b) by leaving it at the registered address of the member;

(c) by sending it by post in a prepaid letter to the registered address of the member; or

(d) if the company’s constitution permits the use of electronic means to serve or give the notice or the conditions specified in subsection (4) are satisfied, by electronic means.

(4) The conditions referred to in subsection (3)(d) are—

(a) the member has consented in writing to the company, or the officer of it, using electronic means to serve or give notices in relation to him or her;

(b) at the time the electronic means are used to serve or give the notice in relation to the member, no notice in writing has been received by the company or the officer concerned from the member stating he or she has withdrawn the consent referred to in paragraph (a); and

(c) the particular means used to serve or give the notice electronically are those that the member has consented to.

(5) Any notice served or given in accordance with subsection (3) shall be deemed, in the absence of any agreement to the contrary between the company (or, as the case may be, the officer of it) and the member, to have been served or given—

(a) in the case of its being delivered, at the time of delivery (or, if delivery is refused, when tendered);

(b) in the case of its being left, at the time that it is left;

(c) in the case of its being posted (to an address in the State) on any day other than a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, 24 hours after despatch and in the case of its being posted (to such an address)—

(i) on a Friday — 72 hours after despatch; or

(ii) on a Saturday or Sunday — 48 hours after despatch;

(d) in the case of electronic means being used in relation to it, 12 hours after despatch,

but this subsection is without prejudice to section 181(3).

(6) In this section “registered address”, in relation to a member, means the address of the member as entered in the register of members.