Companies Act 2014


Director of Corporate Enforcement may request production of receiver’s books

446. (1) The Director of Corporate Enforcement may, where he or she considers it necessary or appropriate, make the following request of the receiver of the property of a company or companies (specifying the reason why the request is being made).

(2) That request is that the receiver produce to the Director the receiver’s books for examination, either in regard to a particular receivership or to all receiverships undertaken by the receiver.

(3) The receiver of whom a request under subsection (1) is made shall—

(a) furnish the books to the Director of Corporate Enforcement,

(b) answer any questions concerning the content of the books and the conduct of the particular receivership or receiverships, and

(c) give to the Director of Corporate Enforcement all assistance in the matter as the receiver is reasonably able to give.

(4) A request under subsection (1) may not be made in respect of books relating to a receivership that has concluded more than 6 years prior to the date of the request.

(5) If a receiver fails to comply with a request under subsection (1) or do any of the things referred to in subsection (3)(b) and (c), he or she shall be guilty of a category 3 offence.