Companies Act 2014


Language of documents filed with Registrar

34. (1) Without prejudice to any other provisions on the language of documents, any document delivered to the Registrar shall be in the Irish or English language.

(2) A translation of any such document may be delivered to the Registrar in any official language of the European Union.

(3) Every translation referred to in subsection (2) shall be certified, in a manner approved by the Registrar, to be a correct translation.

(4) In any case of a discrepancy between a document delivered as mentioned in subsection (1) and a translation of it delivered pursuant to subsection (2), the latter may not be relied upon by the company against a third party. A third party may, nevertheless, rely on that translation against the company, unless the company proves that the third party had knowledge of the document delivered as mentioned in subsection (1).

(5) In subsection (4), “third party” means a person other than the company or a member, officer or employee of it.