Companies Act 2014


Publication of notices

33. (1) The Registrar shall publish in the CRO Gazette notice of the delivery to or the issue by the Registrar of the following documents and particulars—

(a) any certificate of incorporation of the company;

(b) the constitution of the company;

(c) any document making or evidencing an amendment of its constitution;

(d) every amended text of its constitution;

(e) any return relating to its register of directors or notification of a change among its directors;

(f) any return relating to the persons, other than the board of directors, authorised to enter into transactions binding the company, or notification of a change among such persons;

(g) its annual return and the financial statements that are required to be published in accordance with Part 6;

(h) any notice of the situation of its registered office, or of any change therein;

(i) any copy of a winding up order in respect of the company;

(j) any copy of an order for the dissolution of the company on a winding up;

(k) any return by the liquidator of the final meeting of the company on a winding up;

(l) any notice of the appointment of a liquidator in a voluntary winding up of the company.

(2) The publication referred to in subsection (1) shall occur within 10 days after the date of the relevant delivery or issue.