Companies Act 2014


Register of interests: contents and entries

267. (1) A company shall keep a register of interests (the “register of interests”) for the purposes of this Chapter.

(2) Sections 215 to 217 (rights of inspection, requests for copies, etc.) apply to the register of interests.

(3) Whenever the company receives information from a director or secretary of the company in consequence of the fulfilment of a duty to which he or she is, by virtue of section 261, 262 or 263, subject, the company shall within 3 days after the date of such receipt enter in the register of interests that information and the date of the entry.

(4) A company shall, whenever it grants to a director or secretary of the company a right to subscribe for shares in, or debentures of, the company, enter in the register of interests against his or her name—

(a) the date on which the right is granted,

(b) the period during which or time at which it is exercisable,

(c) the consideration for the grant (or, if it be the case that there is no consideration, that fact), and

(d) the description of shares or debentures involved and the number or amount thereof, and the price to be paid therefor.

(5) Whenever such a right as is mentioned in subsection (4) is exercised by a director or secretary, the company shall enter in the register of interests against his or her name—

(a) that fact (identifying the right),

(b) the number or amount of shares or debentures in respect of which it is exercised, and

(c) if it be the case that they were registered in his or her name, that fact, and if not, the name or names of the person or persons in whose name or names they were registered, together (if they were registered in the names of 2 persons or more) with the number or amount thereof registered in the name of each of them.

(6) The register of interests shall be so made up that the entries in it against the several names inscribed in it appear in chronological order.

(7) The nature and extent of an interest recorded in the register of interests of a director or secretary in any shares or debentures shall, if he or she so requires, be recorded in that register.

(8) A company shall not, by virtue of anything done for the purposes of this section, be affected with notice of, or put upon inquiry as to, the rights of any person in relation to any shares or debentures.

(9) If default is made by a company in complying with subsection (1) or any of subsections (3) to (7), the company and any officer of it who is in default shall be guilty of a category 3 offence.