Companies Act 2014


Register of members

169. (1) Subject to subsection (5), a company shall keep a register of its members and enter in it the following particulars:

(a) the names, addresses of the members and a statement of the shares held by each member, distinguishing each share by its number so long as the share has a number, and of the amount paid or agreed to be considered as paid on the shares of each member;

(b) the date at which each person was entered in the register as a member; and

(c) the date at which any person ceased to be a member.

(2) Sections 215 to 217 (rights of inspection, requests for copies, etc.) apply to the register of members.

(3) The entries required under paragraphs (a) and (b) of subsection (1) shall be made within 28 days after the date of conclusion of the agreement with the company to become a member or, in the case of a subscriber of the constitution, within 28 days after the date of registration of the company.

(4) The entry required under subsection (1)(c) shall be made—

(a) within 28 days after the date when the person concerned ceased to be a member; or

(b) if the person ceased to be a member otherwise than as a result of action by the company, within 28 days after the date of production to the company of evidence satisfactory to the company of the occurrence of the event whereby the person ceased to be a member.

(5) Where the company has converted any of its shares into stock and given notice of the conversion to the Registrar, the register shall show the amount of stock held by each member instead of the amount of shares and the particulars relating to shares specified in subsection (1)(a).

(6) Where a company makes default in complying with any of the requirements of subsection (1) or subsections (3) to (5), the company and any officer of it who is in default shall be guilty of a category 3 offence.