Taxi Regulation Act 2013


Regulations - Part 7

58. (1) The Authority may make regulations in relation to—

(a) the regulation of the operation of a vehicle in providing a service under an exemption under this Part, including the operation of the vehicle by its driver, to provide for any or all of the following:

(i) the maximum number of passengers permitted to be carried in the vehicle;

(ii) restricting or prohibiting the use of the vehicle if it is not in a satisfactory condition;

(iii) restricting the periods of time within which the vehicle may be operated in providing the service;

(iv) the area of operation of the vehicle in providing a service;

(v) the reimbursement of expenses of drivers and operators of the vehicle;

(vi) matters relating to any charges for carriage of persons in the vehicle;

(vii) the issuing of receipts for journeys undertaken with the vehicle in providing the service;

(viii) the keeping of records in respect of the operation of the service,


(b) the vehicle standards to be complied with regarding the road worthiness and suitability of a vehicle with which to provide a service under an exemption under this Part.

(2) Compliance with regulations made under this section is a term of an exemption under this Part.