Taxi Regulation Act 2013


Register of licences

18. (1) The register of licences established and maintained under section 38 of the Act of 2003 continues in being.

(2) The register may be maintained in a form that is not legible if it is capable of being converted into permanent legible form.

(3) The register shall contain the following details in relation to each licence and its holder:

F19[(a) the name of the holder;

(b) the address and any change of address of the holder;]

(c) if the holder is an individual, the personal public service number (within the meaning of section 262 of the Social Welfare Consolidation Act 2005) of the holder;

(d) the licence number;

(e) where the licence is granted in respect of a vehicle, the unique identification mark (registration number) of the vehicle;

(f) where a licence is granted to a person to drive a small public service vehicle, the number of the driving licence (within the meaning of the Act of 1961) granted to the holder;

(g) the category of small public service vehicle in respect of which a licence has been granted;

(h) the date of the grant of a licence;

(i) the county or area of application in respect of which the licence has been granted;

(j) in the case of dispatch operators, other booking services for small public service vehicles, wheelchair accessible taxi licences and such other categories that the Authority specifies in regulations, details of the holders’ licensed area of, and hours of, operation and of where he or she may be contacted;

(k) details of any transfer of ownership of a licence or of the continuance in force of a licence in respect of a different vehicle;

(l) details of any suspension of a licence, including the duration or period of suspension, a reference to the reasons for the suspension and particulars of all removals of such suspensions;

(m) details of any revocation of the licence;

(n) details of any action taken under section 12 and the reasons for it;

(o) endorsement of demerits under section 35 in the entry of the licence holder concerned.

(4) The Authority shall, on payment of a fee (other than where a request is made by the Garda Commissioner or by the Courts Service) as determined by the Authority, issue a certificate relating to information contained in a reference in the register of licences relating to a licence granted under section 9 or under regulations made under section 34 of the Act of 2003 or section 82 of the Act of 1961, F20[including the name of the person] who holds the licence or the vehicle in respect of which the licence was granted.

(5) The establishment and maintenance of a register of licences shall be funded from income from fees accruing to the Authority under this Act.

(6) Information contained in the register shall, subject to a determination by the Authority in consultation with the Garda Commissioner that certain information relating to a person referred to in the register should remain confidential, be available for inspection at all reasonable times, upon payment of such fee, if any, as the Authority decides.

(7) In this section “register” means register of licences.




Substituted (8.02.2016) by Public Transport Act 2016 (3/2016), s. 2(k)(i), commenced on enactment.


Substituted (8.02.2016) by Public Transport Act 2016 (3/2016), s. 2(k)(ii), commenced on enactment.