Road Safety Authority (Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness) Act 2012


Revocation of authorisation.

19.— The Minister may revoke an authorisation where—

(a) the person so authorised requests that his or her authorisation be revoked,

(b) following a notification under section 18 the non-compliance has continued after the time allowed to rectify the situation F10[or, notwithstanding that the non-compliance has been rectified, the notification is a third or subsequent notification in respect of the same authorisation], or

(c) the Minister determines that the person so authorised is no longer, having regard to section 12, a fit and proper person to hold an authorisation.




Inserted (20.03.2014) by Road Traffic Act 2014 (3/2014), s. 24(c), S.I. No. 147 of 2014.