Road Safety Authority (Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness) Act 2012


Suspension of authorisation.

18.— (1) The Minister may suspend an authorisation as a CVR test operator or CVR tester where the Minister determines that the person so authorised—

(a) is in breach of one or more of the conditions of the authorisation or has not carried out tests under the authorisation during the period of 6 months immediately preceding the suspension,

(b) is in breach of this Part (including any regulations made under this Part) or the guidelines,

(c) is, or has been, convicted of an offence under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Acts 2005 and 2010,

(d) is in breach of a direction, or

(e) is no longer, having regard to section 12, a fit and proper person to hold the authorisation.

(2) Where the Minister suspends an authorisation the Minister shall notify the authorisation holder of—

(a) the fact of the suspension,

(b) the date the suspension takes effect,

(c) the non-compliance giving rise to the suspension and the time period during which the authorisation holder is to rectify the non-compliance.

(3) The Minister may terminate a suspension under this section and every such suspension shall continue until so terminated.


Editorial Notes:


Information to be furnished for the purposes of subs. (1)(c) specified (27.03.2013) by Authorisation of Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test Operators and Testers Regulations 2013 (S.I. No. 107 of 2013), reg. 4(3)(a), in effect as per reg. 2.