Adoption Act 2010


Supplemental provisions to section 4 in relation to certain intercountry adoptions.

5.— In addition but without prejudice to section 4, in this Act, references to making arrangements for the adoption of a child shall be read in relation to an intercountry adoption as including references to the following activities:

(a) contacting, directly or indirectly in connection with an intercountry adoption, any person, institution or authority in the child’s state of origin that is authorised by that state to make arrangements for adoption;

(b) preparing pre-adoption reports for the purpose of Article 20 (which relates to Central Authorities keeping each other informed) or of any provision of a bilateral agreement;

(c) transmitting to the Central Authority in the child’s state of origin the declaration of eligibility and suitability together with the assessment report prepared under section 37 and the recommendation made under section 39.