Adoption Act 2010


Interim orders as to custody in adoption proceedings.

44.— (1) In circumstances in which it is lawful to make an adoption order, the Authority, on application for such an order, may—

(a) adjourn the application for the adoption order, and

(b) make an interim order,

giving custody of the child to the applicant for a probationary period not exceeding 2 years.

(2) The Authority may attach, to the interim order, conditions in regard to the maintenance, education and supervision of the welfare of the child.

(3) After providing an opportunity to be heard to the person who has custody of the child under the interim order, the Authority may revoke the interim order.

(4) The Authority shall revoke the interim order at the request of—

(a) the person to whom custody of the child has been given, or

(b) the mother or guardian of the child.

(5) A person shall not fail or refuse to comply with a condition of an interim order made under subsection (1).