Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007

Assessment of personal protective equipment.


63. (1) Before choosing any personal protective equipment required to be provided under Regulation 62, an employer shall make an assessment to determine whether such equipment satisfies the requirements of this Regulation and Regulations 62 and 64.

(2) The assessment required by paragraph (1) shall consist of—

(a) an analysis and assessment of risks present which cannot be avoided by other means,

(b) the definition of the characteristics which personal protective equipment must have in order to be effective against the risks referred to in subparagraph (a), taking into account any risks which this equipment itself may create, and

(c) comparison of the characteristics of the personal protective equipment available with the characteristics referred to in subparagraph (b).

(3) An employer shall review forthwith the assessment required by paragraph (1) if any alteration takes place in any of the matters referred to in paragraph (2) and, where as a result of this review changes in the assessment are required, such changes shall be made.