Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007

Reports by competent persons.


53. (1) A competent person carrying out an examination under Regulation 52 shall—

(a) prepare a report of the result of every examination and test as referred to in Regulation 52 containing the particulars that are set out in Part E of Schedule 1,

(b) where work equipment is examined pursuant to Regulation 52 and the examination reveals that the equipment can only be used safely if certain repairs are carried out or if the person making the examination foresees a need for such repairs—

(i) inform in writing the owner and user of the need for such repairs or the potential need,

(ii) not later than 20 days after the completion of the examination, send a copy of the report of the examination to the Authority where immediate cessation of the work has been advised, and

(iii) in the case of potential need for repairs, specify the period within which, in his or her opinion, the repairs shall be carried out.

(2) A competent person carrying out an examination under Regulation 52(3) may specify a period less than that in column 2 of Parts B or C of Schedule 1 if in that person's opinion a more frequent examination is required but, if this is done, he or she shall provide the reason for the opinion in writing to the owner and user of the work equipment.