Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007

Conditions regarding lifting of persons.


48. (1) An employer shall ensure that work equipment not specifically designed for the purpose of lifting persons is not used to this effect other than in exceptional circumstances and subject to the following conditions:

(a) appropriate action including adequate supervision is taken to ensure safety;

(b) while employees are on work equipment designed for lifting loads, the control position is manned at all times;

(c) persons being lifted have reliable means of communication;

(d) in the event of danger, there is reliable means of evacuating persons from lifting equipment;

(e) the ground underneath the equipment is even and reasonably flat;

(f) the equipment is stable under all circumstances;

(g) persons in a nonintegrated cage or basket cannot reach the controls or other dangerous parts of the lifting machine;

(h) the cage/basket is properly secured to the lifting machine;

(i) the total load is less than half the rated capacity of the lifting equipment;

(j) the lifting equipment has a capacity not less than 1,000 kg unless its manufacturer indicates that the machine is suitable for such use;

(k) hydraulically-operated machines are fitted with check valves on the hydraulic lifting cylinders, or some other suitable device, to prevent a gravity fall of the load in the event of a hydraulic failure.

(2) An employer shall ensure that lifting equipment with provision for free fall is not used to lift persons.