Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007

Work equipment for lifting goods or persons.


45. An employer shall ensure that—

(a) persons may be lifted only by means of work equipment and accessories suitable for this purpose, and

(b) work equipment for lifting or moving persons or for lifting goods is, where applicable, provided such as to—

(i) prevent the risk of the carrier falling, where one exists, by the use of suitable devices,

(ii) prevent the risk of the user falling from the carrier, where one exists,

(iii) prevent the risk of persons being crushed, trapped or struck, in particular through inadvertent contact with objects,

(iv) where the carrier has a roof, be equipped with a suitable inspection control station and stopping device,

(v) where, in respect of a carrier with a roof, a hazard exists by virtue of the free distance in the horizontal plane beyond and perpendicular to the carrier's outer edge exceeding 0.30 m, measures to address the hazard, and

(vi) ensure that persons trapped in the carrier in the event of an incident are not exposed to danger, can raise the alarm and can be freed, and

(c) where, for reasons inherent in the site and height differences, the risks referred to in subparagraph (b)(i) cannot be avoided by other safety measures, an enhanced safety coefficient suspension rope is installed and checked every working day.