Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007

Control devices.


32. (1) An employer shall ensure that—

(a) work equipment control devices which affect safety and health are clearly visible and identifiable and appropriately marked where necessary,

(b) control devices are located outside danger zones except where necessary,

(c) the operation of control devices cannot cause additional hazard,

(d) the operation of control devices cannot give rise to any hazard as a result of any unintentional operation,

(e) the absence of persons in the danger zones is verifiable from the main control position if necessary,

(f) where it is impracticable to comply with paragraph (e), a safe system such as an audible or visible warning signal, or such a signal that is both audible and visible, is given automatically whenever the machinery is about to start,

(g) an exposed employee has the time, the means, or both, quickly to avoid hazards caused by the starting or stopping, or both, of the work equipment,

(h) control systems are safe, and are chosen making appropriate allowances for the failures, faults and constraints to be expected in the planned circumstances of use,

(i) it is possible to start work equipment only by deliberate action on a control provided for the purpose,

(j) a control is included in work equipment to—

(i) restart it after a stoppage for whatever reason, and

(ii) to control a significant change in the operating conditions

unless such a restart or change does not subject exposed employees to any hazard,

(k) all work equipment is fitted with a control to stop it completely and safely,

(l) each workstation is fitted with a control to stop some or all of the work equipment depending on the type of hazard, so that the equipment is in a safe state,

(m) the equipment's stop control has priority over the start controls and, when the work equipment or the dangerous parts of it have stopped, the energy supply of the actuators concerned is switched off, and

(n) where appropriate, and depending on the hazards the equipment presents and its normal stopping time, work equipment is fitted with an emergency stop device.

(2) Paragraph (1)(j) does not apply to restarting or a change in operating conditions as a result of a normal operating cycle of an automatic device.