Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007

Classification of places where explosive atmospheres may occur.


170. (1) An employer shall—

(a) classify places at the workplace where explosive atmospheres may occur into hazardous or non-hazardous places in accordance with Part A of Schedule 10,

(b) having done so, classify those places classified as hazardous into zones in accordance with paragraph 2 of that Part, and

(c) display in a prominent position in any place that is classified as hazardous in accordance with paragraph (b), a sign at or near each point of entry to the hazardous place and ensure that the sign complies with Part B of Schedule 10.

(2) Before a workplace containing a place that is classified as hazardous pursuant to paragraph (1) is used for the first time, an employer shall ensure that—

(a) the overall explosion safety of both the workplace and that place it contains is verified by a competent person, and

(b) any condition or conditions that are necessary, pursuant to this Part, for ensuring protection from explosion, is or are maintained.

(3) This Part applies to—

(a) the places classified as hazardous under paragraph (1)(a), as required by the features of workplaces, workstations, the equipment or substances used or the danger caused by the activity related to the risks from explosive atmospheres, and

(b) equipment in non-hazardous places which is required for, or helps to ensure, the safe operation of equipment located in hazardous places.