Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007

Provision of safety signs.


160. (1) An employer shall—

(a) provide safety or health signs, or both, at the place of work where hazards cannot be avoided or adequately reduced by techniques for collective protection or measures methods or procedures used in the organisation of work,

(b) ensure that such signs are in place,

(c) have regard to the risk assessment made under section 19 of the Act and the safety statement prepared under section 20 of the Act when determining whether or not to provide a sign under paragraph (a),

(d) use the appropriate sign prescribed under any enactment regulating transport or movement of traffic involving road, rail, inland waterway, sea or air in relation to risk, where such forms of transport—

(i) are present at the place of work, and

(ii) give rise to a risk to the safety or health of any employee, and

(e) ensure that a safety or health sign used at work complies with Schedule 9.

(2) Where a signboard is in place at the commencement of these Regulations, which, solely because it includes a word or words, is not a signboard as defined in Regulation 158, an employer may leave that signboard in place until 1 January 2011.