Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007

Movement of pedestrians and vehicles in danger areas.


14. An employer shall ensure that—

(a) outdoor and indoor places of work are organised in such a way that pedestrians and vehicles can circulate in a safe manner,

(b) traffic routes, including stairs, fixed ladders and loading bays and ramps, are designed, located and dimensioned to ensure easy, safe and appropriate access for pedestrians or vehicles in such a way as not to endanger employees employed in the vicinity of such routes,

(c) routes used for pedestrian traffic or goods traffic, or for both, are dimensioned in accordance with the number of potential users and the type of undertaking,

(d) sufficient safety clearance is provided for pedestrians if means of transport are used on traffic routes,

(e) sufficient clearance is allowed between vehicle traffic routes and doors, gates passages for pedestrians, corridors and staircases,

(f) pedestrian routes and traffic routes are clearly identified for the protection of employees, where the use and equipment of places of work so require, and

(g) if the places of work contain danger areas in which, owing to the nature of the work there is a risk of an employee or objects falling, these are—

(i) equipped, as far as possible, with devices preventing unauthorised employees from entering those areas, and

(ii) clearly indicated, and

appropriate measures are taken to protect employees authorised to enter danger areas.