Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007

Application of exposure action values.


138. If the risk assessment carried out under Regulation 136 indicates that an exposure action value is exceeded, an employer shall comply with the duty to reduce exposure to mechanical vibration and attendant risks to a minimum under Regulation 137 by establishing and implementing a programme of technical or organisational measures, or both, appropriate to the activity and consistent with the risk assessment, taking into account in particular—

(a) other methods of work which reduce exposure to mechanical vibration,

(b) the choice of work equipment of appropriate ergonomic design which, taking account of the work to be done, produces the least possible vibration,

(c) the provision of auxiliary equipment which reduces the risk of injuries caused by vibration, such as seats that effectively reduce whole-body vibration and handles which reduce the vibration transmitted to the hand-arm system,

(d) appropriate maintenance programmes for work equipment, the places of work workstations and systems of work,

(e) the design and layout of places of work and workstations,

(f) adequate information and training to instruct employees to use work equipment correctly, safely and without risk to health in order to reduce their exposure to mechanical vibration to a minimum,

(g) limitation of the duration and intensity of exposure to mechanical vibration,

(h) appropriate work schedules with adequate rest periods, and

(i) provision of clothing to protect employees exposed to cold and damp.