Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007

Inspection of work equipment.


119. (1) An employer shall ensure that, as regards work equipment to which Regulations 101 to 114 apply—

(a) where the safety of the work equipment depends on how it is installed or assembled it is not used after installation or assembly in any position unless it has been inspected in that position,

(b) without prejudice to paragraphs (a) and (c), work equipment exposed to conditions causing deterioration which is liable to result in dangerous situations is inspected—

(i) at suitable intervals, and

(ii) where exceptional circumstances have occurred that are liable to jeopardise the safety of the work equipment, as soon as practicable following these exceptional circumstances, and

(c) without prejudice to paragraph (a), a working platform—

(i) used for construction work, and

(ii) from which an employee could fall 2 m or more,

is not used in any position unless it has been inspected in that position within the previous 7 days or, in the case of a mobile working platform, inspected on the site within the previous 7 days.

(2) A person carrying out an inspection of work equipment to which paragraph (1)(c) applies shall—

(a) promptly prepare a report containing the particulars as set out in Schedule 5, and

(b) within 24 hours of completing the inspection, provide the report, or a copy thereof to the person on whose behalf the inspection was carried out.

(3) An employer receiving a report under paragraph (2) shall keep the report or a copy of the report—

(a) at the site where the inspection was carried out until the construction work is completed, and

(b) thereafter, at an office of the employer.

(4) An employer shall ensure that—

(a) no work equipment under the employer's control is used in another place of work unless it is accompanied by evidence that the last inspection required to be carried out under this Regulation has been carried out, and

(b) the result of an inspection under this Regulation is recorded and kept available for inspection by an inspector for 5 years from the date of inspection.