Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007

Selection of work equipment for work at height.


100. An employer shall—

(a) in selecting work equipment for use in work at height—

(i) give collective protection measures priority over personal protection measures, and

(ii) take account of the following:

(I) the working conditions and the risks to the safety and health of employees at the place where the work equipment is to be used;

(II) in the case of work equipment for access and egress, the distance and height to be negotiated;

(III) the distance of a potential fall and the risk of personal injury;

(IV) the duration and frequency of use of the equipment;

(V) the need for easy and timely evacuation and rescue in an emergency;

(VI) any additional risk posed by the use, installation or removal of that work equipment or by evacuation and rescue from it;

(VII) the other requirements of this Part, and

(b) select work equipment for work at height that—

(i) has characteristics, including dimensions, that are appropriate to the nature of the work to be performed and the foreseeable loadings,

(ii) allows safe passage, and

(iii) in other respects, is the most suitable work equipment, having regard in particular to Regulation 98.