Water Services Act 2007


Conditions attached to a water services licence.

83.— (1) A water services licence may provide as respects any condition attaching to it that the condition shall be complied with before or after any activity to which the licence relates has been commenced.

(2) Conditions attaching to a water services licence shall include—

(a) measures to ensure against risk to human health or the environment,

(b) water supply standards or waste water treatment standards, as appropriate,

(c) standards of service,

(d) monitoring and supervision,

(e) sampling and analysis, or

(f) such other matters as may be prescribed or the Minister may direct in relation to the grant of a water services licence.

(3) Conditions attaching to a water services licence may include—

(a) the scale of the activity,

(b) specification of individual households, areas or activities to which the water services which are the subject of the licence shall be provided,

(c) operational and management procedures,

(d) procurement procedures,

(e) measures to ensure public safety,

(f) emergency plans in the event of any incident,

(g) evidence of employers and public liability insurance,

(h) conservation measures,

(i) measures to prevent source contamination,

(j) requirements in relation to metering, in accordance with any guidance or direction given by the Minister,

(k) requirements in relation to the treatment, re-use or disposal of by-products arising from the treatment of water or waste water,

(l) the latest date by which a condition is to be complied with,

(m) such provisions as are necessary to facilitate the application of relevant obligations imposed under this Act or any other enactment,

(n) requirements in relation to the preparation and publication of the accounts and annual report of the licensee,

(o) any other matters as may be prescribed in relation to a water services licence, or

(p) incidental and ancillary matters.

(4) The Minister may make regulations requiring a water services authority to attach a condition to a water services licence requiring compliance with any specified standard or procedure, or direction under this Act, or to take account of any other specified matter.

(5) A water services authority may recover costs due to it under this Chapter in relation to licensing from the relevant applicant or licence holder as the case may be.