Water Services Act 2007


Water services authority to be licensing authority.

82.— (1) Subject to subsection (2), for the purpose of this Chapter the licensing authority shall be the water services authority in whose functional area the water services are being or intended to be provided.

(2) Where the water services that are the subject of a licence application are provided within the functional areas of two or more water services authorities, the water services authorities may, or shall if the Minister requires them to do so, decide that one of them shall perform the functions of a licensing authority with respect to the application and any subsequent water services licence and the nominated authority shall have such functions in regard to such licence as if it related solely to its functional area in the first instance.

(3) A water services licence under this Chapter shall, without prejudice to the rights, including right of ownership or use, of any person in relation to water in any source, be deemed to be an agreement for the purposes of section 31(13).