Water Services Act 2007


Review of a water services licence.

84.— (1) A water services authority may review a water services licence—

(a) at the request of a licence holder,

(b) where it considers that the activity which is the subject of the licence is causing, or is likely to cause, a risk to human health or the environment,

(c) where there has been a material change in the nature or scale of the activity which is the subject of the licence,

(d) where there has been a material change in the financial, operational or management capacity of the licence holder,

(e) where information which was not available when the licence was granted, and which would materially have affected the decision of the water services authority on the licence, becomes available,

(f) on receipt of an objection from any person to a refusal or failure by the holder of a licence to provide adequate water services to that person,

(g) where in the opinion of the water services authority provision of water services has been unsatisfactory or unreasonably refused by the holder of a licence, or

(h) where amended standards applying to the licensed service are prescribed or are made by any other enactment or any regulations are made by the Council, Commission or the Parliament of the European Community.

(2) Without prejudice to subsection (1), a water services authority shall review a water services licence at a time not exceeding 5 years from when it was granted.

(3) As soon as may be after it has completed a review of a water services licence under this Chapter, a water services authority may grant the holder thereof a water services licence, the terms and conditions of which are, in such respects as the water services authority considers appropriate, different from those of the first-mentioned licence, and the revised water services licence shall have effect in lieu of the first-mentioned licence.