Pharmacy Act 2007


Action by Council on report by disciplinary committee.

48.— (1) Within 30 days after considering the report, the Council shall—

(a) if the committee finds that the complaint is not substantiated, dismiss the complaint, or

(b) if the committee finds that the complaint is substantiated, impose one or more of the following disciplinary sanctions on the registered pharmacist or the pharmacy owner—

(i) an admonishment or a censure,

(ii) the attachment of conditions to the registration of the pharmacist or retail pharmacy business, which may include restrictions on practice or, as the case may be, the carrying on of the business,

(iii) the suspension of the registration for a specified period,

(iv) the cancellation of the registration,

(v) a prohibition for a specified period on applying for restoration to the register.

(2) The Council may not cancel the registration of a pharmacist or retail pharmacy business on the grounds of a conviction for an offence unless in the Council’s opinion, the nature of the offence or the circumstances in which it was committed are such that, were the pharmacist or pharmacy owner applying for registration, the Council would refuse the registration.

F45[(3) If the report referred to in section 47(1) follows an undertaking or consent under section 46(1), then the measures to be taken in respect of the registered pharmacist or the pharmacy owner shall be those contained in the report.]




Inserted (13.02.2021) by Regulated Professions (Health and Social Care) (Amendment) Act 2020 (16/2020), s. 65, S.I. No. 54 of 2021.