Pharmacy Act 2007


Refusal to register: notification and appeal.

21.— (1) If the Council refuses an application for registration, it shall notify the applicant in writing of its decision, the reason for it and the date when it was made.

(2) An applicant whose application for registration under this Act is refused by the Council, may appeal to the High Court against the refusal within a period of 3 months beginning on the date of receipt of notification under subsection (1).

(3) On an appeal under this section, the High Court may make—

(a) an order affirming the refusal,

(b) an order setting it aside and requiring the Council to proceed with the registration,

(c) an order (with or without directions) remitting the application to the Council for reconsideration and the making of a new decision, or

(d) any other order that it considers appropriate.