Pharmacy Act 2007


Certificate of registration.

20.— (1) As soon as practicable, the Council shall issue a certificate of registration to—

(a) a pharmacist who has, or

(b) a pharmacy owner whose retail pharmacy business has,

been registered or restored to a register.

(2) On continuing the registration of a registered pharmacist or registered retail pharmacy business, the Council shall issue a certificate of continued registration to the registered pharmacist or as the case may be the owner of the registered retail pharmacy business.

(3) A certificate of registration is current for the period of 12 months from the date of registration or restoration.

(4) A certificate of continued registration is current for the period of 12 months beginning with the day following the date of expiry of the immediately preceding certificate.

(5) A person who gives to another person a certificate issued to him or her under this section, with the intention that it be used to induce a third person to accept it as relating to that other person or who, with that intention, permits that other person to use the certificate, commits an offence.

(6) A person to whom a certificate has been issued under this section and who ceases to be registered within the currency of the certificate shall return it to the registrar within 14 days of the cessation.


Editorial Notes:


Format of certificates of registration issued pursuant to section prescribed (29.11.2008) by Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (Registration) Rules 2008 (S.I. No. 494 of 2008), part 2, in effect as per rule 2.