Prisons Act 2007


Interpretation (general).

2.— In this Act—

“governor” means the governor of a prison or an officer of the prison acting on his or her behalf;

“Minister” means the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform;

“prison” means a place of custody administered by or on behalf of the Minister (other than a Garda Síochána station) and includes—

( a) F1 [ ]

( b) a place provided under section 2 of the Prisons Act 1970,

( c) a place specified under section 3 of the Prisons Act 1972;

“prisoner” means a person who is ordered by a court to be detained in a prison and includes a prisoner who is in lawful custody outside a prison;

“prison rules” means any rules for the government of prisons made under section 35 or other enactment and in force at a material time.




Deleted (7.04.2017) by Prisons Act 2015 (57/2015), s. 20, S.I. No. 134 of 2017.