Road Traffic Act 2004



26.—(1) Section 35(2) of the Act of 1994 is amended by inserting after paragraph (s) the following:

“(t) the issue of permits at a prescribed charge by a local authority, or any other body authorised by the Minister to issue such permits, for the purpose of—

(i) exempting permit holders from restrictions or prohibitions on parking applied under this section,

(ii) allowing for the parking of vehicles by permit holders at specified locations, or

(iii) exempting permit holders from the application of prohibitions and restrictions to specified traffic from entering or using specified roads, and

separate charges may be prescribed in respect of different permits.”.

(2) The following subsection is inserted after subsection (6) of section 35 of the Act of 1994:

“(7) A permit issued under regulations made under subsection (2)(t) may be inspected, at all reasonable times, by a member of the Garda Síochána or (other than in respect of a permit issued under regulations made under subsection (2)(t)(iii)) a traffic warden.

(8) A person who, without reasonable excuse, fails or refuses to permit the inspection of a permit referred to in subsection (7) is guilty of an offence.”.