Road Traffic Act 2004

Amendment of section 9 of Act of 2002 (disqualification pursuant to European Convention on Driving Disqualifications).


25.—Section 9 of the Act of 2002 is amended by—

(a) substituting for subsection (8) the following:

“(8) When the appropriate judge makes or refuses to make an order under subsection (2), the Courts Service shall notify the Minister and the Minister shall cause the central authority of the State of the offence to be notified thereof.”,


(b) in subsection (9), substituting for paragraph (a) the following:

“(a) the Courts Service shall—

(i) notify the Minister of the disqualification as soon as may be, and

(ii) comply with any request of the Minister for further details or information relating to the person, the offence, the disqualification or otherwise required for the purpose of the Convention,”.