Private Security Services Act 2004

Register of licensees.


33.—(1) The Authority shall, as soon as may be after the commencement of this section, establish and maintain for the purposes of this Act a register of licensees to be known as the Private Security Register and which is referred to in this Act as “the Register”.

(2) The Register shall be in such form, and contain such entries and additions, as may be prescribed from time to time.

F21[(3) The Authority shall make the Register available for inspection free of charge by members of the public—

(a) at the offices of the Authority during normal working hours, and

(b) on its internet website in such a manner that the section of that website which contains the Register is readily accessible by members of the public.]

(4) A copy of an entry in the Register shall, on request, be issued by the Authority on payment of such fee (if any), not exceeding the reasonable cost of making the copy, as may be prescribed.

(5) In any proceedings a document purporting to be a copy of such an entry and to be certified by an officer of the Authority to be a true copy of the entry shall, without proof of the signature of the person purporting so to certify the document or that he or she was such an officer, be received in evidence and shall, unless the contrary is shown, be deemed to be a true copy of the entry and to be evidence of the matters stated in it.

(6) F22[]

(7) F22[]




Substituted (22.07.2021) by Private Security Services (Amendment) Act 2021 (19/2021), s. 5, S.I. No. 379 of 2021.


Repealed (22.07.2021) by Private Security Services (Amendment) Act 2021 (19/2021), s. 7(b), (c), S.I. No. 379 of 2021.