Children Act 2001

Regulations regarding reports.


107.—(1) The Minister may prescribe such matters in relation to probation officers’ reports or any other reports made pursuant to this Part as would in his or her opinion be of assistance to courts in dealing with cases under this Part.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), the inclusion in probation officers’ reports of information relating to the following matters, where appropriate, and such other matters (if any) as may be necessary or expedient for the purposes of any enabling provision of this Part to have full effect, may be prescribed—

(a) the results of an interview with the child,

(b) where it has been practicable for the probation and welfare officer concerned to interview the child’s parent or guardian or any victim, the results of the interview,

(c) the age, level of maturity, character, behaviour and attitude of the child and his or her willingness to make amends,

(d) the educational circumstances and prospects of the child,

(e) the child’s friends and associates, and

(f) the apparent motive for the child’s behaviour and the likelihood of the child not committing further offences.

(3) Before prescribing any matter for which the Minister for Education and Science or the Minister for Health and Children has responsibility, the Minister shall obtain the agreement of that Minister.