Credit Union Act 1997

Delivery to the Registrar of documents in legible form.


103. (1) This section applies to the delivery to the F227 [ Bank ] under any provision of this Act of documents in legible form.

(2) The document must—

( a) state in a prominent position the registered number of the credit union to which it relates,

( b) satisfy any requirements specified by the F227 [ Bank ] for the purposes of this section as to the form and content of the document, and

( c) conform to such requirements as may be so specified for the purpose of enabling the F227 [ Bank ] to copy the document.

(3) If a document is delivered to the F227 [ Bank ] which does not comply with the requirements of this section, F227 [ it ] may serve on the person by whom the document was delivered (or, if there are two or more persons, on any of them) a notice indicating the respect in which the document does not comply.

F227 [ (4) The Bank may not serve a notice under subsection (3) after the end of 3 months from the date on which it received the document to which the notice relates. ]

(5) Where the F227 [ Bank ] serves notice under subsection (3), then, unless a replacement document—

( a) is delivered to F227 [ it ] within 28 days after the service of the notice, and

( b) complies with the requirement of this section or is not rejected by F227 [ it ] for failure to comply with those requirements,

the original document shall be deemed not to have been delivered to F227 [ it ].

(6) For the purposes of any provision imposing a penalty for failure to deliver a document, so far as it imposes a penalty for continued contravention, no account shall be taken of the period between the delivery of the original document and the end of the period of 28 days after the service of the F227 [ Bank ]'s notice under subsection (3).

(7) In this section, “ document” includes any periodic account, abstract, statement or return required to be delivered to the F227 [ Bank ].