Environmental Protection Agency Act 1992

Environmental quality objectives.


75.(1) The Agency shall, in relation to any environmental medium and without prejudice to its functions under section 103, specify and publish quality objectives which the Agency considers reasonable and desirable for the purposes of environmental protection.

(2) Without prejudice to subsection (1), the Agency may—

(a) prepare guidelines or recommendations on the manner and the period within which quality objectives could be achieved,

(b) identify the public authorities or other bodies which may contribute to the achievement of such objectives,

(c) assess the resources, including staff and funding, which would be required to achieve such objectives, or

(d) arrange for the dissemination of information on any of the matters provided for by this subsection or any other relevant matter to the Minister or any other Minister of the Government or other public authority or other body which in the opinion of the Agency may contribute to the achievement of such objectives.

(3) Without prejudice to the operation or effect of any standard, limit value, order or other matter specified or prescribed or otherwise in force by or under any enactment, the Minister and any other Minister of the Government and any other public authority shall take into account any quality objective drawn up and published by the Agency in the formulation of policy, in the setting of standards or in the exercise of any of their other functions concerning environmental protection.